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Wanderlust | No, I’m Not Lost

Keeping curiosity alive

I love it when I get to travel because I often meet interesting people and have more time to reflect and really pay attention to the details around me. I wish I did this more in my everyday life, but the pace is too fast. I’m afraid in my fast-paced life that I’m missing it—life, people, everything.

But when I travel, everything is perfect. I could live my whole life wandering and be happy. I used to think my wanderlust was a bad thing—that I should want to have a normal, stable life. But I don’t like the idea of getting too comfortable. I don’t ever want to find myself in a place that doesn’t push me or challenge me. If there’s one thing I know about ENTJs, it’s that we need new, exciting things, or we shrivel up and die. I have to keep my curiosity alive.

Looking for that city

The news flash for me though is that it’s okay to be a wanderer. Biblical, even. We are strangers and wanderers, and it’s okay to long for a thing that we can’t have today—that we won’t have in this life at all. I really, truly am looking for a city. That’s no joke. And I fully realize that I’ll both never find it and already have, and that’s okay by me.

And so I’ve come to terms with being a wanderer and feeling unsettled. I’ve come to terms with the unfinished and incomplete. It’s all a work in progress, and this is not the end.