Yes and No | Ten Things

The Kind Friend Journal, which is my new favorite weekly journal, recently sent out a list of writing prompts, and one of them was interesting: Write about 10 things you’d say yes to and 10 things you’d say no to. I accept that challenge, Kind Friend, and I raise you 10 maybes. Thanks to Megan Johnson for asking me lots of random questions.

Yes x 10

  1. Live in an agrarian commune.
  2. Pick up a hitchhiker.
  3. Learn to play the violin.
  4. Live on a seastead for one year.
  5. Own a Tesla.
  6. Try Adderall.
  7. Learn ballroom dancing.
  8. Learn to butcher and process animals.
  9. Go through the Bermuda triangle.
  10. Get arrested for something noble.

No x 10

  1. Vote for Trump or Biden.
  2. Marry someone rich but boring.
  3. Go skydiving or bungee jumping.
  4. Get the COVID-19 vaccination.
  5. Have a pet snake.
  6. Listen to Jack Johnson on purpose.
  7. Be famous.
  8. Have an arranged marriage.
  9. Go without my iPhone for a year.
  10. Read fiction for the rest of my life.

Maybe x 10

  1. Get a tattoo.
  2. Go to counseling.
  3. Learn to fly a plane.
  4. Get LASIK eye surgery.
  5. Move to another country.
  6. Get a Snapchat or TikTok account.
  7. Foster to adopt.
  8. Get my nose pierced.
  9. Live on Mars.
  10. Eat bugs.