“Find out what you’re afraid of and go live there.” —Chuck Palahniuk



Eleven | Something That Changed You Forever

Even in my memories, I find myself importing today’s realities on ancient and archaic ways of communication. I imagine I texted my friends in college to meet me for dinner or called roadside assistance when my clutch went out. But I didn’t do those things.


Ten | Most Unique Tradition

I feel that I’ve improved (but not fundamentally changed) this core family tradition. And to my family, I only have one important thing to say here, and that’s, “You’re welcome.”


Nine | A Recent Good Read

Finally, I’ll just say this. The book is really a commentary, too, on how power works in our day and age. Who has it? Who thinks they have it? What does power really look like?


Eight | Favorite Sounds

I don’t have a lot of favorite sounds. In fact, I’m easily distracted by chewing, clicking, beeping, tapping, and more. I find myself agitated at…


Six | Friendship Gone Wrong

There’s something jarring about a person betraying his brand and stubbornly sitting in that broken promise like it’s who he’s been along. It’s an act of self-betrayal before it’s an act of any other sort of betrayal.


Five | Best Meal

“Every real thing is a joy, if only you have eyes and ears to relish it, a nose and tongue to taste it.” ―Robert Farrar Capon, The…


Four | Current Events

I worry about the kids growing up in this. I’m worried they’ll never know what it’s like to sit quietly in any given moment long enough to dwell on good, true, and beautiful things, whether they are comfortable or uncomfortable. 


Two | Favorite Piece of Furniture

There’s a piece of furniture in my family that’s almost become sort of a character in our stories. It’s terrified little girls and beat up little boys. I don’t know if it’s got a heart, but it’s definitely got soul…


One | Changing Seasons

When I think of seasons, I think of Cummings and the inevitable, ordinary passing of days. And it reminds me that I’m just a human like other humans (down they forgot as up they grew). I was born, and one day I’ll die.

Inbound | Why I Heart It

By giving control back to the people, we allow them to control their own level of engagement with us. That puts the burden back on us to produce truly excellent content…